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Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness programs are renowned for our emphasis toward strong character development, patience and self-control. Self- confidence, higher self-esteem and increased fitness are just a few of the many other benefits our programs have to offer.
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our programs are age-specific, addressing the unique needs of toddlers, children, and adolescents. You'll find an emphasis is placed on life lessons; building character, indomitable spirit, respect, courtesy, perseverance, self-discipline and self-control. Just as these attributes will help young students in their Kung Fu practice, so too do they help them in other aspects of life, especially academics and social relationships. Armed with these skills, students are better prepared for all changes they may encounter as they begin their academic life, not to mention approach their teen years. The life skills that students achieve at Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness prepare them for life. From the benefits and confidence that come with having a strong, fit body, to the mental tenacity, self- discipline and ability to maintain ones composure amid severity that a person attains, the Kung Fu can take a person's human potential into the seemingly impossible.
For kids Kung Fu is more than just fun. Our kids' programs are not only built for character development, but also Kung Fu proficiency. All of
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