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“We are always more anxious to be distinguished
for a talent which we do not possess, than to be
praised for the fifteen which we do possess.”

Mark Twain, American author of Huckleberry Finn

Translation for Adults:

Instead of dwelling negatively on the talents you
don’t possess, celebrate and put to good use the
talents that are yours to share. It’s perfectly
reasonable to recognize that you can’t run a
four-minute mile or become a chess champion,
but then forget your non-talents and concentrate
on what you do well. Don’t neglect the talents
you do have, while complaining about those you
don’t. Don’t hesitate to learn new skills, but don’t
expect to be good at everything you try. Be
confident in the talents you do have and put
those to better use than the ones you wish you

Translation for Kids:

Every one of us have unique talents. None of us
can be good at everything. It’s just not possible.
You might do a punch better than your friend,
but he may kick better. You may help a friend
with a school lesson you understand easily, while
he knows all about repairing your bike. Sharing
your talents with others is one of the greatest
feelings in life. Once you understand that you
can’t do everything well, you can concentrate on
your unique talents and skills and make them
better. It’s awesome to challenge yourself to
learn new skills, but you can’t expect to excel at
everything. If you focus on using the talents you
do have to their full potential, then you won’t
even notice the talents you’re lacking.

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