Talent Week 3

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Week 3

“Great ability develops and reveals itself
increasingly with every new assignment.”

Baltasar Gracian, 17th Century Jesuit priest

Translation for Adults:

Most humans tend to be born with some natural
talents. They may be physical or mental, but
they are still raw talents that must be developed
to become highly useful and beneficial. Most
professional athletes have natural, physical
talents, but they require years of practice to
train and discipline those talents, so those
athletes can perform at the highest level. Your
natural talents also require practice and training
to improve your performance. Simply using your
talents is not enough. It is also important to
challenge yourself to develop your talents and
gain new confidence, so your talents become
valuable life assets.

Translation for Kids:

Most of us have some natural talents, which
means we can excel at certain tasks, without
much effort. It’s good to have those natural
talents, but you must continue to develop those
talents to be even better. Challenge yourself to
learn new talents or skills too. You may discover
talents you never thought you had. For example,
you may be very good at front kicks, which is
great, but you should also challenge yourself to
try more difficult kicks, so that you can develop
your martial arts skills even more, and be more
confident in your talents.

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