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"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Only you will stop you from having courage. A task or chore will seem impossible if you allow yourself to think you can’t do it. You might think it is impossible to do it because you’re embarrassed or you think you are too young or too old. Whatever the reason, it prevents you from being great. The journey to your Black Belt will be difficult and challenging. You must have courage and perseverance to reach that goal. As you grow older, that same courage will help you overcome other challenges, outside of martial arts

For adults, courage is often a tough quality to master. As you grow older, you sometimes allow preconceived notions to be obstacles to what you are able to do, stifling your courage. When events scare you or you react to challenges with fear, it is easy to do nothing and fail to move forward. You would not be a martial artist or a future Black Belt, however, if you did not already have some courage. You have already taken the first step to make yourself a better person. That took courage! Remind yourself that you’ve been courageous in the past, so when you’re worried, dig deep, and “do the thing you think you cannot do.”

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