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Diane Adams

The Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness’s Little Ninjas program has been great. It teaches focus, teamwork, memory, discipline, control, balance and coordination which my grandson needs. The staff members are a positive role model for the children. The Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness has a lot of fun things for the kids and families to do such as movie nights, field trips and picnics ect… Overall, I rate this academy a 10 out of 10!

Lawrence Smith

My son has been attending Rochester Kung Fu for over a year now and he loves it. I like that it teaches him discipline and respect. he has learned to follow rules and has improved his behavior ten fold. This is a great place for your child to learn discipline, set and attain goals, and all in a safe environment, while having fun. I would recommend Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness to all parents.

Amanda Leach

My son Adrian is learning so much and his behavior at home and school has been significantly better since he’s been attending Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness. He follows directions much better, is more patient and respectful! His focus is also much better. Because of his character development sheets he has to fill out for class, he’s very eager to be helpful at home and have a good behavior so that it can be recorded on his sheet. Altogether, we are so happy to be a part of such a wonderful family. We are appreciative of being able to take part in such an awesome experience and hope to continue for many years.

Janelle Conley

Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness is a friendly, welcoming place that encourages children to learn discipline and character building in addition to physical strength and skills. My son talks about class all week and can’t wait for the next one. Instructor Domenica and Sifu Paul are wonderful teachers and role models and lead a genuinely family-friendly program!

Luara Rodriguez

I love Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness. Everyone is very welcoming, polite and always great spirited. They are patient with my daughter Aaliyah who can be a challenge to work with sometimes. These classes have helped Aaliyah with more respect for adults and helps her achieve the goals we have for her in life. It helps Aaliyah with discipline which I had a hard time with. Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness treats us like family and it’s a great feeling.

Denise and Johnathan

Our son has been a student for about a year. He looks forward to seeing his instructors and showing how much he has been improving. We have seen improvements in his focus and self confidence at home as well as in school. His little sister follows in his footsteps and began her classes. They are enjoying their journey together!

Grandmaster Raymond K. Fogg

This is a letter of recommendation and testimony for one of my favorite students (Paul Gruschow) and the one and only Rochester student that has completed all of the prerequisites set forth by the United States Kung Fu Exchange licensing him to teach and promote all kung fu taught by the exchange. Mr. Gruschow has completed testing on all levels of the exchange including the rank of a Master Instructor of the exchange. He has studied with the exchange for well over twenty years and obtained an excellent rating on each level of testing. Knowing first hand, the skills that Mr. Gruschow has achieved makes it an honor to write this letter on his behalf. Master Gruschow has proven himself time after time as a student, competitor and skilled teacher. He runs one of the most successful schools in the Kung Fu Exchange and the country. He has produced top ranked students and is well loved by his students which is evident by his high retention rate. In short, Master Gruschow produces skilled winners. Over the years, I have witnessed Mr. Gruschow raise young children to adult martial artist with character, morality and strong ethics which has made them patriotic and productive citizens. When I am asked questions like: Where can I find a good martial arts school in Rochester or hear that students from an Exchange school are moving to the Rochester area and they are interested in continuing their studies. I instantly tell them to go to the best school in the area the Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness school led by Master Paul Gruschow. I can vouch for Master Gruschow and assure you that you will receive the best training and the best of the Seven Star Mantis Style.

Brianna Thompson

Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness has been a great experience for me and my family. My son was welcomed in the best way, the instructors are awesome with the children as well. I enjoy how there are goals that are set out for the children not only at the academy but also outside of the academy, such as in the home and in school. Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness is definitely a family environment and my son loves coming to practice and is excited when leaving because of the lessons he receives here. I definitely recommend Rochester Kung Fu & Fitness to everyone and we are proud to have this experience!