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  • Our son has been a student for about a year. He looks forward to seeing his instructors and showing how much he has been improving. We have seen improvements in his focus and self-confidence at home as well as school. His little sister follows in his footsteps and began her classes. They are enjoying their journey together!

    Denise & Jonathan Y.
  • Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness has been a great addition to our families extra-curricular activities, my three children are all in the programs from the ninja’s to the Gold team. RKFF has helped my 5 year old autistic son in many ways from gaining confidence in himself and abilities to being able accept and follow directions. I am pleased in every way for the work of Sifu Paul and Jow Ga Domenica has done for all three of my children. Way to go.

    Jessica C.
  • I started my son in this Academy because I wanted him to get into an activity that would help with his self-esteem but also teach him focus, self-discipline and respect. Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness has done all of those things and much more. I have noted an overall change in my son’s attitude, he started to be so positive about things that would daunt him in the past and his self-confidence has improved dramatically. We plan on having a future here with the RKFF and Noah really looks up to sifu and says he’s the best!

    Rachel G.
  • McCLeans
  • My family has been attending Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness for a little over a year and it's been an amazing experience for us all. My husband and son have earned their second recommended blue belts and my little girl her green. They are all GOLD team members and the character development focus has had positive influences on us all, My children open doors more, refer to adults as sir and ma'am and have a greater bond with each other through Kung Fu.

    Juli S.
  • My 4 year old son takes Kung Fu and he absolutely loves it. It has taught him discipline, teamwork and respect. The instructors are so caring and make you feel like family.......and I am so glad we have joined the Kung Fu family.

    Jenn S.
  • Sifu and Jow Ga create a nurturing environment for the kids while instilling in the kids that they need to hold themselves to a higher standard. My girls have matured greatly since being a part of this Kung Fu family and I cannot praise the hard work of this team enough. I look forward to seeing my girls grow with their Kung Fu friends!

    Stacy M.
  • Rochester Kung Fu has been such a positive influence in my grandson's life. I wasn't sure if he was too young at the age of 5 to begin these classes but realized it's the best time and opportunity to instill behaviors that we want to see in him. In just a few months, we are beginning to see changes in his behavior (being respectful, listening, focusing). Our goal is not only to achieve his Black Belt, but for him to learn self control, self discipline and commitment. Sifu and Jowga are wonderful teachers and give personal, hands on instruction and have high expectations of the students but they also make it fun.

    Sharon G.
  • My boys and I have only been attending classes for just about 2 months but in that short time we have all improved both physically and mentally. I've watched my boys make friends, be encouraged to work harder, do the encouraging and I couldn't be prouder. I am excited to be a part of such an awesome family and look forward to growing with all of our new Kung Fu brothers and sisters!!

    Cristina V.
  • I have been going to RKFF since June 2011 and am having a great time. There are many benefits I found beyond learning the art of Praying Mantis Kung Fu and gaining physical fitness. My confidence and focus has improved as well. This is an academy that has great character development, as well as wonderful programs from children to adults. I certainly would recommend you to join our great Kung Fu family!

    Google User
  • My son has been attending the school for almost a year and a half now and I am very impressed with the training he is receiving. Besides martial arts he is learning values that are typically lost in today's generation. Sifu Paul Gruschow is top notch and cares for his students a great deal. I would highly recommend this school.

    Google User

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