Potential Week 3 “Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence— is the key to unlocking our potential.” Winston Churchill, British statesman, prime minister during World War II Translation for Adults Everyone has equal potential to achieve his or her best. You have the abilities to be successful, on your terms. Potential, however, requires effort. Some are born Read More

Responsibility   Week 1 “It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.” John Baptiste Moliére, 17th century French playwright Translation for Adults You have obligations—to your family, your friends and your co-workers—much the same as anyone. You are responsible for many tasks Read More

parent helping a child with schoolwork

Our Community Resource page is perfect location for all of our community members, martial arts students and our kids karate program parents to visit. From our martial arts News and Events to our Pro-shop we have you covered. Our academy and our professional martial arts staff of instructors completely understand the value of communication. This Read More