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February Word of Month – Responsibility



Week 1

“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.” John Baptiste Moliére, 17th century French playwright

Translation for Adults

You have obligations—to your family, your friends and your co-workers—much the same as anyone. You are responsible for many tasks and responsibilities in different roles and environments. Uncompleted tasks are also your responsibility. A work assignment is a responsibility, and when you complete it, you have fulfilled your responsibility; however, if it is late, then you really didn’t fulfill your obligation, and you’ll have to answer to the boss. If you forget to thank your spouse for a kind deed, then it is your responsibility, if he or she feels you are ungrateful. Tasks and responsibilities are often more than just what is obvious. It may be difficult, but remember, you are also responsible for the consequences of your actions, not just the actions.

Translation for Kids

You have many responsibilities. You must finish your homework on time. You must listen to your teachers and study hard in school. You listen to your parents. You must do your chores each week. As a future Black Belt, you must practice kicks and punches. You must also demonstrate confidence and focus. Being responsible is a great feeling! Others will trust and rely on you. You are also responsible for what you do not do. Don’t do your homework and you may have to stay after school. Don’t do your chores and you may have to sit in your room. Don’t help a friend being bullied and you may lose him as a friend. Be a responsible martial artist. Before you act, remind yourself you are also responsible for what you don’t do.

Class Discussion for Kids

  1. Do your parents think you are responsible? Why?
  2. What are two chores at home that are your responsibility?


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