You will receive the best training

Grandmaster Raymond K. Fogg

This is a letter of recommendation and testimony for one of my favorite students (Paul Gruschow) and the one and only Rochester student that has completed all of the prerequisites set forth by the United States Kung Fu Exchange licensing him to teach and promote all kung fu taught by the exchange. Mr. Gruschow has completed testing on all levels of the exchange including the rank of a Master Instructor of the exchange. He has studied with the exchange for well over twenty years and obtained an excellent rating on each level of testing. Knowing first hand, the skills that Mr. Gruschow has achieved makes it an honor to write this letter on his behalf. Master Gruschow has proven himself time after time as a student, competitor and skilled teacher. He runs one of the most successful schools in the Kung Fu Exchange and the country. He has produced top ranked students and is well loved by his students which is evident by his high retention rate. In short, Master Gruschow produces skilled winners. Over the years, I have witnessed Mr. Gruschow raise young children to adult martial artist with character, morality and strong ethics which has made them patriotic and productive citizens. When I am asked questions like: Where can I find a good martial arts school in Rochester or hear that students from an Exchange school are moving to the Rochester area and they are interested in continuing their studies. I instantly tell them to go to the best school in the area the Rochester Kung Fu and Fitness school led by Master Paul Gruschow. I can vouch for Master Gruschow and assure you that you will receive the best training and the best of the Seven Star Mantis Style.