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Criticism April Word of the Month Week 2


Week 2

“Criticism is more effective when it sounds like praise.” Arnold H. Glasow, one of America’s most quoted humorists


Translation for Adults

Criticism can be a constructive tool to help others be better without making them feel bad. Using construc- tive criticism correctly is challenging, especially when criticizing a spouse, friend  or  family  member.  Learn how to use criticism, as praise, and it will be accepted as positive reinforcement. For  example,  when  speak- ing to a co-worker, instead of saying, “You really need to work on your presentation,” say, “Your report was excellent, you can make it even better if you…” The opening praise helps to disguise the criticism. Your

co-worker, or anyone, will be more receptive to your message when you phrase your criticism correctly.


Translation for Kids

Always be very careful when you decide to criticize a family member or a friend. If you criticize them incor- rectly, then you could easily hurt their feelings or your friendship. The best way to criticize others is to praise them first. There are many times at school when your positive criticism could help someone be better,  with- out making them feel bad. Maybe one of your friends received a low score on  a  test.  Instead  of  saying, “Wow! You really need to study more,” you could say, “You always do so great in class. I bet if you studied a little bit more, you could do really great on those tests too.” Praise first, and then  criticize;  you’ll  help  others be better.


Class Discussion for Kids

  1. Give an example of positive
  2. When is a good time to use this positive criticism?


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